Thesis: Recognizing Value Chain Members

Sample Thesis Paper

Companies often make the mistake of failing to recognize the breadth of their value chain. This mistake is observed in cases where a seemingly unimportant supplier or distributor is denied its relevance in the value chain (McGuffog & Wadsley, The general principles of value chain management, 1999). In such cases, the refusal to give a value chain member, a sink is created that continues to function as a sink for the value created by other members of the value chain. The presence of this value sink not only causes the cost of the functioning of the value chain to rise while wasting critical time in the broader process.

Therefore, the presence of a shared awareness is of no use unless it adequately spans the value chain members necessary. Coordination between value chain members is of no use unless all the relevant value chain members are part of the system. It is therefore imperative to realize the importance of all the members of the value chain, failing to do which may cause the entire value chain’s productivity to experience a compromise (McGuffog & Wadsley, The general principles of value chain management, 1999). The practical context behind the decrease of productivity caused by failing to recognize the relevant value chain members lies in the fact that the absence of a required member in the loop of information puts stress on the rest of the operational divisions in cases where information of a certain nature is provided that can be made available only through the augmentation of that particular value chain member into the loop.

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