Thesis: Recommendations for further Research on CRM

Sample Thesis Paper

The research was one that was fundamentally exploratory in its early stages and it is for the same reason that there were a number of areas that the research touched and which merited further discussion but were not the central focus of this research and therefore had to be passed by. In this regard, these topics can be considered as avenues for further research and any research carried out upon can in turn make use of the findings of this particular research.

It was observed that a significant degree of ambiguity underlies the exact definition of Corporate Social Responsibility. The literature analyzed in the process of this research served to prove that although there is a large volume of literature available on the implications of Corporate Social Responsibility and the manner in which it is exercised, most of the literature starts off by presenting multiple definitions of Corporate Social Responsibility, hence indicating the absence of a concrete definition of Corporate Social Responsibility. This research recommends that the exact definition of Corporate Social Responsibility is a subject that merits study since an establishment of this element can serve to be highly productive. This is because of the fact that it will not only allow future researches to perform more streamlined studies but shall also allow organizations to fashion their Corporate Social Responsibility policies in accordance with a threshold that is currently absent.

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