Thesis: Recommendations to Speed up Cash Flows

Sample Thesis Paper

The techniques applied to speed up cash flows should be implemented in all organisations whether large or small to increase the financial and economical efficiency during boom and recession periods. An appropriate level of cash flows is vital for a business to manage its day to day operations and during a period of boom the increased speed of cash flows will enable a company to take advantage of several investment opportunities while during recession period the company will be able to cope with the deficiency of credit and liquidity in the market and have a competitive edge over other organisations. The companies should implement all techniques which can be applied to speed up cash flows rather than using only a few techniques. Other than the techniques covered in the current research other conventional and unconventional techniques for speeding up cash flows can also be implemented depending on the nature of business and the size of the organisation.

Suggestions for Additional Research

The current research on techniques of speeding up cash flows was based on a case study of two companies in the retailing industry. Further research in this area can be done by analysing other industries and increasing the number of companies studied in an industry. A comparison of two industries or countries can also be done to evaluate the speeding up of cash flows in these companies or countries. The ways companies manage cash and take advantage of the various business and economic floats can also be explored and analysed in detail. The convergence and application of speed of cash flows with regulatory and standard setting bodies can also be researched. The importance of cash flows and the techniques applied to speed up cash flows in the service industry where no inventories are present also provides an interesting and comprehensive area of research. The speed of cash flows in international business with respect to companies exporting and importing goods and services from various countries can be researched and evaluated.

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