Thesis: Recommendations for Tesco

Sample Thesis Paper

In general, this paper has given deep insight into the operations of Tesco. It’s main objective was to get a deeper understanding of business and marketing, and this has been successfully achieved.


After such a deep exploration of the company, the following recommendations were made:

  • On expansion: the company should open more branches in other countries. For instance, the African market can be captured for both food and non-food items. Since the major competitors are based in the U.S and the U.K, opening a branch in Africa can be a viable idea.
  • Open other forms of business: One disadvantage that Tesco has is that it specializes more on the supermarket form of business. Diversifying would capture an even larger customer base hence promote business and boost the profit margins.
  • Publicize more: Wal-Mart has a competitive advantage over Tesco due to its popularity in the U.S. Tesco can equally increase its competitiveness by boosting the public relations. As part of the company can organize for scholarships for locals. It can also organize for events such as sports days, tree planting days or by just having an open day where the public can come in and mingle with the Tesco staff.

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