Thesis: Recommended Retail Marketing Techniques

Sample Thesis Paper

In order to acquire a concrete understanding of what retail marketing is essentially founded upon, the following paragraphs shall now elaborate upon some of the most basic retail marketing techniques that are used by retailers around the world.

Retailers who are engaged in retail marketing activities can be found to be frequently engaged in activities such as the printing of calendars with the name of their retail outlet and address along with contact details on it. Retail marketing techniques also involve printing special offers on the back of business cards so as to increase circulation of their popularity through every possible channel. In this regard, modern day retail marketers choose to have business cards printed quite frequently and choose to give them around just as generously as well as asking permission to leave them at places where they can expect their prospective consumers to gather. In this regard, Debenhams can ensure that its entire work force carried business cards that sport the most attractive of Debenhams offers on the back of their business cards. Special attention can be given to the business cards provided to personnel who are handling external supply chain matters in order to ensure that this technique penetrates thoroughly into the public. This platform can also be used to give out special discounts to the personnel associated with the members of Debenhams’s supply chain.

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