Thesis: Reducing hazards of natural resources

Sample Thesis Paper

The need is to have a professionally mature and ethical attitude towards preservation of natural resources within countries. Countries are still struggling to become established as the solution of the problem. First thing that nations need to do is to take ownership and responsibility.

The second thing is to uphold the natural resources wisely, like minerals or raw material, instead of trying to cover up the problems. The third important thing is to possess an agenda to develop a plan and reduce hazards of natural resources. Currently, people’s livelihoods are suffering because of presence of all sorts of pollutants within the environment, and it is governments’ responsibility to make efforts to make sure that our environment is made as freer from pollutants as possible. Every country needs to use every available resource in order to meet human requirements at the same time as preserving the environment. By doing so governments will not only fulfill requirements for existing citizens but will also care for generations to come.

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