Thesis: Reduction of Logistics Barriers to International Businesses

Sample Thesis Paper

The significance of logistics has increased exponentially in the last few decades and firms have begun to give logistics primary position to logistics in the development of their strategic planning process. Strategic planning used to focus on more rudimentary aspects as manufacturing, technical innovation and limits, financial deliberations and market entering (Carter, Pearson and Peng). A firm rarely chooses to venture into new territory unless it is completely sure in these areas of strategy development. However, logistics has become the latest innovation in the development of strategic planning and by taking advantage of trade agreements between countries and coalitions, firms have been able to carry out plans and procedures by taking advantage of logistical innovations that would have been impossible to dream up in the 1970s.

By making use of trade agreements between countries and coalitions, firms are able to deliver not only a better package of price and product, but are also able to offer an improved degree of elements such as after sales service and customer care services (Pollitt). For any firm that chooses to engage in cross-border business operations, logistics is one of the few critical points that the firm cannot postpone evaluating at any cost. As logistics continues to become an integral part of every strategic planning process, so does the necessity of the implementation of policies that can contribute to the decreasing of trade barriers with respect to logistics.

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