Thesis: The Regulation of Waste in United Kingdom

Sample Thesis Paper

The regulation of waste in the United Kingdom is categorized under two broad categories. One is controlled waste and the other is uncontrolled waste. The first refers to the waste that is covered by the disposal system already in place and encompasses household waste and the second is the waste that is produced from various industries.

There is a legislation known as the duty of care law which specifies that all waste that is produced, imported, carried, kept, stored, transported, treated, controlled, recycled and disposed must be kept safe by those who do so. And it must be transferred to a waste management authority with a written description of the type of waste present. This legislation acts as a supplement to the EPA. The Act also specified that the collection and recycling of all packaging waste is the responsibility of the producer of such waste.

The Act also brought the waste management licensing system into being. This legislation deals with the licenses for the deposit, disposal and treatment and use of a mobile plant to dispose of or treat controlled waste. The proposal is set in place to ensure an efficient waste management system is in place without causing harm to the environment or to human health.

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