Thesis: Relationship between Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Sample Thesis Paper

The relationship between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction is quite strong as the performance, relationship and behaviour of the employee towards the customer are directly related to job satisfaction of the employee. The more satisfied an employee is the more will be the dedication towards productivity and providing excellent services to customers. The morale of employees has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and managers have to become aware of the techniques to manage this impact of morale on customer satisfaction. If the morale of the employees is altered in a positive way through motivational techniques it can have an encouraging impact on customer satisfaction (Smith 2003).

The profit of a company are dependent on sales, the sales are dependent on number of new and returning customers and customers return to a company where there needs are met and they feel satisfied. This customer satisfaction is derived from the value of products and services of the company which are provided by highly motivated and satisfied employees. This entails that when employees are satisfied, they provide high value service and products to customers and their satisfaction in turn increases the profits of the company. The level of satisfaction of employees determines the level of satisfaction of customers and managers need to manage this relationship effectively and efficiently (Kusluvan 2003).

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