Thesis: Relationship between Islam and Terrorism

Sample Thesis Paper

However, no interpretation of the relationship between Islam and terrorism would be complete without an analysis of the current situation that prevails because of this relationship. Terrorists of international magnitude such as Osama Bin Laden are icons of a particular segment of Muslims that choose to interpret the instructions of Islam in a biased approach towards other religions. From the discussion presented above, we can see that the perception amongst the masses that prevails amongst the masses regarding the relation between Islam and terrorism is one that has reached its current stage through a number of phases of evolution and is still influenced by a number of variables. Religions have similarities and differences and…

Coming back to the relationship between Islam and Terrorism, the discussion in this paper allows us to deduce that the relationship between Islam and Terrorism is more of a matter of perception than it is of the religion Islam in particular. This question of perception applies not only to the perception that pertains to the person and/or religion under study, but also to the third party that perceives the person/religion.

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