Thesis: Religion as a Key Factor to Shape Minds

Sample Thesis Paper

Religion can be considered to be a contributing factor in the process that shaped the subjects mind but under modern day circumstances it would be unjustified to consider the subject’s religion as the only factor that led the person to commit the action. There are always countless other factors that are just as significant in the determination of the path that a person chooses to take during the course of his life.

In light of this fact, a deduction can be drawn that leads to the fact that there can be societal influences, family obligations and numerous other reasons that may lead a person to committing undesired actions. In scenarios such as these, it is the faith of the person that contributes chiefly towards the decision of a person to carry out an action. The faith that a person holds can come out as a collective influence of the society, the upbringing and the religion of that person. People from the same religion can have varying degrees of faith which may lead them to developing varying perspectives regarding their religion. Through the pages of time, people with varying degrees of faith in a religion have committed actions that segments of society have blamed upon the fundamental teachings of that religion.

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