Thesis: Religions as Pathways of Life

Sample Thesis Paper

Religions are now no longer regarded as pathways of life, but also considered to be constitutions of sorts that encompass the political and legal framework that a society should implement. What comes as a surprise when this aspect is viewed in terms of Islam is that Islamists and everyday Muslims are found to be in disagreement regarding numerous interpretations of the teachings of Islam. This means that not only are there varying interpretations of religious teaching but also groups that are based upon those varying interpretations. It is therefore necessary to determine whether the subject of a study is the religion itself, or a group of people who follow a particular interpretation of that religion.

The solution to this predicament can be seen in a regulated system that is designed to ensure that education regarding religion is one that does not allow extremist elements to inject aggression into the interpretations of the teaching of religions. A regulation of the teaching of religion does not by any means imply the restricting of teaching any aspect of any religion, but is meant to ensure that the religion is taught in its true meaning and concept rather than brought to its students in a mutated form that encourages aggression and promotes violence.

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