Thesis: Replication of the Source Code by Accolade

Sample Thesis Paper

If we consider the arguments that are favor of Accolades position in the replication of the source code, we must first concede that Sega cannot accuse Accolade of infringing on its copyright unless it can produce proof that the new source code created by Accolade is the same as their own. Secondly, the disassembly of the source code in order to understand its functionality does not constitute a trespass on the notion of intellectual property. If Accolade wishes to understand the ideas behind the creation of this source code and disassembling the source code is the only method to do so. Then it stands to reason that Accolade has a right to employ this method to understand the code and benefit from this knowledge.

However if we consider it from Sega’s perspective the source code itself was created for the purpose of dissuading companies like Accolade from releasing its software on the Genesis console. Though Accolade may argue that the existence of their source code does not infringe on Sega’s rights since the source code held by both companies are fundamentally different. It can be argued that since they serve the same purpose i.e. to circumvent the Genesis security system, it violates the protection afforded to Sega by copyright law. It must also be noted that though Accolade has contended that the source code is merely a public interface for the Genesis console.

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