Thesis: Research Design

Sample Thesis Paper

The survey questionnaire was designed in a manner such that initial demographics inquired upon were limited to name, gender and age. The questions to follow after these were ones that were designed to contribute to the research in relatively direct meanings as opposed to these initial three questions. The participant was asked to establish the exact employee category to which he/she belonged. The research has been designed such that the implications to change in an academic institute are being observed across the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and administrative staff and the participant was asked to select the category to which the participant belonged. The participants were also asked to identify the number of years that they had been active in academic institute as well.

In the following question, the participant was asked whether change in an educational institute was one that occurred naturally or one that was a formal procedure that had to be instigated. It is essential to highlight at this point that the participant was also given the option to identify an alternate perception of change that the participant harbored but was not listed in the available options. The next question was an extension upon the nature of this question in the fact that it sought to inquire whether the change in an educational institute was most profound on a personal level or upon a collective level.

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