Thesis: Research Limitations

Sample Thesis Paper

A research cannot be expected to yield effective results unless an adequate analysis of the potential limitations of the research is carried out in the early stages of a research. It is recommended that the analysis of potential limitations is carried out during the course of the establishment of the research methodology in order to be able to perform the research in a manner that saves the research from falling prey to otherwise avoidable limitations.

As discussed earlier in the chapter, the high degree of unstructured information allowed for the primary research instrument to be narrowed down to the interview approach and the survey questionnaire technique out of which the survey questionnaire technique was selected (Scruggs & Mastropieri, 2006). While the survey questionnaire technique may be one that allows for time to be saved during data accumulation stages, it is imperative to note that it is one with certain limitations.

The survey questionnaire approach serves to contribute to the sensitivity of the data accumulation process in the fact that the questions integrated into the questionnaire acquire a significance that is no less than pivotal in the establishment of the authenticity of the findings. The questions have to be designed in a manner such that no room for misinterpretation remains. The approach remains equally sensitive in the case of the answers that the survey participants are allowed to give. Another limitation to the survey questionnaire is observed in the form of a commonly observed tendency of participants to provide inaccurate data in an attempt to save time (Creswell, 2003). Participants who agree to take part in the research may choose to change their minds once they have been provided with the survey questionnaire and may provide inaccurate answers in an attempt to bring the procedure to a conclusion as soon as they possibly can.

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