Thesis Research Methodology

Sample Thesis Paper

The process of conducting a research is quite crucial and the process of selection of a particular approach is equally important. This process must be initiated in the planning and evaluation stage of the research. Different schools of thoughts are used by researchers to achieve target research objectives. Throughout the years there have been many suggestions pertaining to different types of methods of research applied to varying fields which have applied by research professionals for the purpose of reaching their objectives and targets and provide support in the process of making informed and high quality decisions.

The research design actually determines the methodologies to conduct a proper research but still certain constraints are involved in researches which must be understood when making decision regarding a research approach (Easterby-Smith, 2002). Different research approaches are discussed below and every research methodology is evaluated briefly.

Although there are two types of research methodologies (Qualitative and Quantitative) and two data collection methods (Primary and Secondary) but in this research we would be using qualitative research method and data should be collected through secondary sources only.

The methodology prescribed and implemented for this research has its limitations due to its subjectivity to certain issues which are necessary to be underlined in the following in order to define the scope of the current thesis and set out the basis for the results that this report will conclude upon

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