Thesis: Research Methods used for the Research on Drug Abuse

Sample Thesis Paper

This section shall relate to a justified and very informed account of the manner in which the research shall be was approached.

  • Overview of my method

Various epistemological and ontological issues that are related to the research shall be provided. The chapter therefore addresses the actual methodologies used in the research process from its time of inception to the end. A number of people would be interviewed and questionnaires administered to others either directly or indirectly through telephone calls and electronic means.

Sports personalities in America, sports specialists and medical expertise would be used in the research. Information from the medical and research expertise would be important in fostering a better understanding of the major causes and effects of the usage of drugs in sports to enhance performance. Where possible, past victims of using drugs to enhance their performance of sports would also be used as the sample population. Moreover special interest groups considered to be of great importance in the research such as the Argentina’s Diego Maradona, Mutola of Zimbabwe, Marion Jones, Mike Tyson and Adrian Mutu would also be used in the research.

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