Thesis: The resource based view for LG

Sample Thesis Paper

Resources and related elements singled out for the sake of this Resource Based View are ones that were found to be favourable to the subject companies. As criteria, it was established that only those resources can be acknowledged in the Resource Based View that provide a competitive advantage to the companies and serve to reduce weaknesses. The resource has to be of an un-substitutable nature and is rare such that it is not easily available to acquire.
4.3.1 Physical capital resources

LG is officially located in numerous locations across the globe however LG has a strong presence in Korea that shows the degree to which LG chooses to concentrate its efforts and establishment on the Korean market. Its locations include Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, DaeGu, Daejun and Incheon (Data Monitor 2009). It is imperative to note that these locations do not represent LG’s areas of operations but the central nerves of its global business.

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