Thesis: The resource based view for Samsung Electronics

Sample Thesis Paper

4.3.1 Physical capital resources

Samsung has a strong and formally established presence ten different locations around the world. These include Budapest, Texas, Suwon Gyonggi-do, Noida, Jiangsu, Kwangsan-gu, Moscow, Tokyo, Barcelona, Cleveland, Amsterdam and Tijuana (DataMonitor 2009).

4.3.2 Human capital resources

Samsung’s human capital resource is perhaps the most expansive part of Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics chooses to concentrate extensively on the acquisition and retention of capable human capital. Samsung Electronics concentrates the most on personnel employed in the area of research and development in order to ensure that they are fully equipped and excel in areas of technological innovation.

4.3.3 Organizational capital resources

Samsung Electronics focuses on research and development to carry out expansion in product range. Most of Samsung Electronics’ organization capital is channelled towards the development of ideas and the materialization of concepts that pertain to new innovations in its products.

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