Thesis: Results of Fundamental Analysis

Sample Thesis Paper

After the completion of the whole process, all the information is accumulated and an overall decision based on the collective information is taken about whether the price of a share is under or overvalued. If the share is undervalued, the idea is to buy the item as compared to its intrinsic value; the price of the share is lower and will increase in the future.
If on the other hand the share turns out to be overvalued as compared to the intrinsic value, the investor should not buy the share and even sell it if he or she has any of those shares in his or her portfolio (Laschinger 2006). A research carried out by Saraç (2008) covering foreign investment in stock listed on Turkish capital market proposed a result that ‘foreigners trade manufacturing stocks based on fundamental analysis. Operational leverage, profitability and solvency are the factors that foreigners take into account while investing in the manufacturing stocks’ therefore financial ratios are important part of the fundamental analysis’ (p. 37-59)

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