Thesis: Review of Accounting Process and Financial Statements

Sample Thesis Paper

The company to be used is Boeing and since it deals with so many products, the only chosen two are the Boeing 737 and 787. Break even analysis for this project will be done by counting the quantities of these two products produced in the last quarter of 2008. Since the selling prices are known although in a range, an estimate of the range will be taken.

This will be $ 70 for the 737 brands and $190 for the 787 brand. With the company’s financial revisited, the production costs as well as the other variable costs have been established to be $35 and $100 respectively. Some of the fixed costs for the company will not be considered since without the production of the other products, they will not be necessary. This leaves the fixed costs to be $5,000 million for the both of the products. The data comes from visiting the company, the financial statements found online and some estimates for the data that that seems difficult to access.

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