Thesis: Rights of Women in Rome

Sample Thesis Paper

Women though having rights to partake in the political process, work in any environment and get an equal education are still considered to be primarily the source of chastity and courage for men. Like before women from the lower social order of society do not have as many expectations of them as those from the middle class or the upper class. The aristocracy exists today as it has for hundreds of years and is still mired in the same traditional values as always. Men are often favored over women in the workplace, they earn more than women. Although change does come in society when needed it is slow and only with sufficient protest. As in Ancient Rome prostitution and other forms of sexual gratification are still primarily attributed towards women. The aspect of slavery also still exists in the form of human trading. The concept of arrange marriages is also well and alive in the Indian sub continent, a tradition which has endured despite the increased rights of women in Indian society.

When viewing Roman history as it was and contemporary society as it is. It’s truly remarkable to see that nothing has really changed in the world. The rights of women are still dictated more by religious doctrine, culture and male preconceptions as it always was., even though women have been given more rights than they ever have enjoyed at any point in history. One cannot help but realize that at the end of the day women are always where they have been for the past thousands of years, behind men acting as their support.

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