Thesis: The Rise of the Nazis

Sample Thesis Paper

As the author progresses with the discussion, it becomes evident that the author is thoroughly convinced of the authenticity of the thesis presented above and has no doubt in his position. However, at certain instances, it becomes apparent that the author takes the reader’s acceptability of the thesis for granted and does not refrain from frequent generalizations.

The author has made extensive use of literature on the subject in the book and has taken the liberty of deriving conclusions through comparisons of the same as he presents them. However, in certain cases, it seems that the author has taken general understanding of a subject to suffice as an explanation for the derived conclusions. In terms of narration, the approach adopted by the author is one that initiates with an elaboration on a subject that appears to be along the lines of a history lesson presenting nothing more than a series of events, followed by an explanation of the relationship between the events and an elaboration on different perspectives on the same.

With regard to the contribution of the book to my understanding of the history of the Nazis, there is no doubt in the fact that the book served far more than its purpose. The book was very different from other books on Nazi history that make use of exaggerated narrations of battles and civil wars and chose to take a critical look at the causes that led to the rise of the Nazis instead of the rise of the Nazis itself. In this regard, the book served to bring forth a horizon that I had not given thought to in my ponderings on Nazi history.

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