Thesis: The Rise of Social Nationalism

Sample Thesis Paper

Member of The German History Society and the Social History Society, Conan Fischer has an extensive command twentieth century history and his exceptional knowledge of events during and around the Second World War can be estimated by the fact that he is the author of books such as The rise of national socialism and the working classes in Weimar Germany, The Ruhr crisis 1923-1924, and After the Versailles Treaty: Enforcement, Compliance, Contested Identities. We can therefore surmise that the author has the experience and hence the credibility that is required to pen down the critical elaboration and analysis that is the subject of discussion of this paper.

Another fact that adds to the credibility of this book is that the author makes frequent references to opinions and ideas expressed by other writers and researchers on the subject of the discussion. It is not uncommon to go through an entire set of paragraphs constituting such references and to reach the conclusion of the chapter with the author’s own view weaved into the discussion as the finale of the discussion.

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