Thesis: Risk of Diabetes Development

Sample Thesis Paper

Brief synopsis: The purpose of the research behind this article was to carry out an exploratory study of the factors that could be considered as those that held a predicting role in the development of diabetes. The research made use of data from a telephone survey that was carried out a few years ago on the segment of the US population that was over 45 years of age. Through logistic regression analysis, the research attempted to identify independent variables that could be associated with a risk for diabetes development in cases where no apparent risk of diabetes development existed (Gallivan, Brown, Greenberg, & Clark, 2009).

The research established that over half the sample suffered from a risk factor but only a quarter of the sample felt that they needed to worry about the risk of diabetes development. The research concluded that there is a strong need to increase awareness across older adults who did not consider their conditions to be in any threat of developing diabetes.

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