Thesis: Risks for Contracting Breast Cancer

Sample Essay

Concerning risks of contracting Breast Cancer the causes and elements that can lead to the contraction of breast cancer by a patient can be categorized as risks for breast cancer acquisition. The most common of these risk factors are those which are recognized for the fact that they are hardly preventable because of the degree of deep rootedness that exists in the case of these particular risk factors. Risk factors such as these include age, race, family history, breast cellular changes and radiation therapy. There is hardly any control that the medical sciences have been able to acquire as yet upon these risk factors whereas risk factors such as weight, diet and breast feeding are risk factors that are relatively easier to gain control over.

In case of the risk factor of weight, there is however a fine print to the degree of control. This complexity exists in the fact that once a woman has crossed menopause, it becomes considerably difficult to gain control over the breast cancer and treat it. Generally, the excessive weight in a patient can be attributed to elements such as excessive eating supplemented by inadequate physical exertion or a poor diet.

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