Thesis: Role of Government to Control Obesity

Sample Thesis Paper

There are two alternative solutions to this problem that may also be put into practice. The first is government regulation of the food industry. The recent trends employed by the food industry to market unhealthy products are responsible for a major part of this epidemic. The government can pass legislation which can regulate these foodstuffs to ensure that the food that is being served to the public is both healthy and nutritious. It can also limit the marketing of these products to children who are the main target audience for products such as cereals with high sugar content. Such intervention can ensure that the profiteering practices by fast food and soda companies are kept in check so that the obesity epidemic can be brought under control.

The problems associated with the implementation of such a solution are the same as in the case of government control over any industry. The first issue is directly related to the concept of the free market. Government intervention curtails the free market and in turn can severely impact a country’s economy in a negative way. Additionally, it must be taken into account that regulation of such foodstuffs would be against the wishes of the majority of the population. While food companies may be providing fatty foods to its consumers, the record sales of these products show that there is a societal trend to buy these products. Government intervention would directly impact such trends and thus go against the wishes of its populace. As long as people keep buying these products, the food companies will keep making them. Recent changing trends promoting healthy eating practices along with documentaries such as “Supersize me” and “Food, Inc” has brought a cultural shift within American society that may support this form of legislation. The assumption that these companies are here to serve the public trust is slowly changing and may cause a major change in the type of products made and how they are marketed in the future.

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