Thesis: The Role of Internet in Developing Brand Loyalty

Sample Thesis Paper

The contributions made by the internet explosion around the world have made waves on a scale no smaller than the same. It comes as no surprise that NextStage founder Joseph Carrabis has stated that it has become unjust to differentiate between a consumer’s loyalty to a website and a consumer’s loyalty to a brand. In terms of Carrabis, the definition of brand loyalty should be based upon the fact that it is a decision made by a consumer to purchase a brand repeatedly. Whether the decision is made consciously or subconsciously is a matter that holds no relevance since both lead to the action of repeatedly purchasing the product (Carrabis, 2005).

Carrabis is also of the opinion that if a sense of brand loyalty was to be derived from the actual meaning of the word loyalty, then brand loyalty would be described as the amount of pain that a consumer is willing to go through to purchase that particular brand. The lesser brand loyalty a consumer would have, the less painful it would be for the consumer to purchase another brand. In this regard, loyalty is viewed from quite a different perspective than it is generally subjected to (Carrabis, 2005). This particular orientation of the term brings forth the concept that brand loyalty is not necessarily the degree of satisfaction that the consumer derives from the purchase of a product, but the degree of pain that the consumer is willing to go through to make sure that no other brand is bought besides that one brand.

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