Thesis: Role of Marriage Counselors to Eradicate Domestic Violence

Sample Thesis Paper

Another way through which domestic violence can be dealt with through a social psychological perspective is to make use of marriage counselors in a manner such that they can provide assistance to potential cases of domestic violence (Chalk & King, 1998).

By training marriage counselors to a level where they can detect potential cases of domestic violence, there is a significant chance that counselors may be able to prevent the incidence of cases where the relationship in a domestic setting deteriorates to a point where the tension-building stage proceeds to the trigger stage and the victim is subjected to brutality. The idea behind this suggestion is to realize that victims of domestic violence are generally highly hesitant in coming forth and revealing their state of pain and suffering (Davis, 1998). The purpose of this recommendation and others to follow is to detect hidden incidences of domestic violence in their tension-building stages before they can proceed to the trigger effects.

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