Thesis: The Role of Mass Media in a Democratic Society

Sample Thesis Paper

It is important to highlight at this point that the role of the mass media is twofold in a democratic society. Firstly, it serves to educate the citizens about areas of relevance and points of concern about the state. Secondly, it helps the state in monitoring the condition of the citizens. The mass media, as an institution, has a far more expansive and in depth scope than agencies of the state. Therefore, the reports that the mass media communicates serve to provide a picture of the form that society has taken over time (Garner, Ferdinand and Lawson). This allows the state go gauge the body of citizens that it governs in order to identify what the populace is in need of and what measures are to be taken to improve the condition of the people of the state. This way, the media serves as a mediating channel between the citizens and the state.

A factor that merits highlighting is that the mass media, in the setup of a democratic society, cannot possibly function without influencing the mindset that the citizens develop over time (Line). It is for the same reason that the mass media, much like the state and the citizens, requires regulation and establishment of perimeter in order to ensure that it does not exceed its limits of authority and does not communicate prejudices when it should in fact be communicating unadulterated information.

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