Thesis: The Role of Mass Media as a Monitoring Mechanism

Sample Thesis Paper

Governments are vulnerable to the agility with which the media reports on them (Pirzada). The vulnerability of the government can be surmised from the statement given by (Garner, Ferdinand and Lawson) when they state that “[I]n constitutional theory, states are sovereign but, in reality, states have always faced challenges from within and outside their borders, thereby, in practice, limiting their autonomy. In this sense, sovereignty has always been something of a myth” (Garner, Ferdinand and Lawson 26).

Hence, it can be inferred that relying on the state to serve as an adequate monitoring mechanism for its own functioning would be equivalent to leaving the state to its fate as it is subjected to internal and external factors that threaten to destabilize it. The Mass Media plays the role of a monitoring mechanism in this regard by giving citizens the power to be the jury on the performance and organization of the state (Crick). This is through the fact that the information that the Mass Media allows them to make educated decisions on the support that they give to political leaders; thereby denouncing those who are incapable of facilitating just functioning of the state and giving authority to those who are adequately capable in doing so.

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