Thesis: The Role of Mass Media in Preservation of Democracy

Sample Thesis Paper

It is important to realize that democracy in itself is a system of government that is riddled with different flaws. These flaws, ironically, are created by the liberalism that democracy allows. As a result, the act of institution of democracy is the prequel to the rise of countless complexities (Woods). In order to ensure that a democracy remains safe of such complexities, it is essential for it to be subjected to continuance through preservation. The Mass Media plays a crucial role in the assurance of this preservation.
“Democracy, recognized as a flawed but desirable system of government, relies ultimately on trusting the people, whose views are therefore of primary importance. Their views therefore need to be well informed if democracy is to work successfully” (Line).
Not only have people become accustomed to consulting the mass media when making decisions and forming opinions, but it has become the most rapid form of communication between the state and the citizens. Any action or decision taken by the state is relayed almost immediately to the citizens. The presence of multiple channels in the mass media allows them to learn about the action/decision from differing perspectives (Davis). As a result, the mass media serves to educate the citizens about the democratic government of the state and allows them to contribute to the evolution of the state in the process.

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