Thesis: The Roles of Brand for a Product

Sample Thesis

People are now working on research and development programs that they can use to deter consumers from carrying out migration cost searches in the first place. The measures being taken by organizations around the world in order to make this possible range from the offering of value added services/products to engaging the customer with the company by developing a buyer-seller relationship. This has to be one that the consumer feels comfortable in fulfilling. Brand loyalty aims at increasing the latter (Salzberg, Sorenson, Fenyo and Vlahos 2008).

By increasing brand loyalty, the producer/seller of the brand eventually puts the consumer in a position where satisfaction levels derived from the product by the consumer are much higher than those that the consumer can attain from the competitors product. This additionally high satisfaction level can then be credited to play a role in the increase of switching-cost searching in the consumer’s frame of mind. By doing so, branding allows consumers to individually attain associate with the brand and to form a relationship of sorts with the brand and all that the brand represents.

The charm of branding lies in the fact that it shows effects on a massive scale. For instance, Coca Cola may have generations of consumers associating moments in their lives when they enjoyed the beverage, but for every single consumer, the memory would be different. The association would be the same in the sense that it would allow them to reminisce about their past, but moments, times and reasons for doing so vary with the individual (Reza and Manuchehr 1998).

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