Thesis: How and why the Roman Republic fell

Sample Thesis Paper

Over time, a large number of theories have been brought forth to explain the reason because of which the Roman Republic fell. This paper argues upon the hypothesis that the Roman Republic fell because had become weak and its political infrastructure had become frail.

There have been hindsight based speculations that the Roman Republic fell because the Roman Republic had reached a point where it could no longer defend itself. The government had become unpopular to a point where giving arms to the people was a move that would have served as a threat to the stability of the government instead of helping the republic strengthen to stand against its opponents. The roman population had to run for their lives when a few hundred Huns attempted to take Pannonia. Whichever army sought to invade any part of Rome found that they had to face very weak opposition from Rome’s defenses and it was for the same reasons that invading armies managed to find their way deep into Rome without any significant opposition. When the invaders reached Pyrenees, it was more than obvious that Rome was no more in a condition where it could stand its ground or defend its land and people.

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