Thesis: How Were Roman Women Treated Back Then

Sample Thesis Paper

When we look at the status of women in Ancient Rome, there is always a great dismay whenever we go through the records of their status in society. Several sources and chronicles which mention the roles of women in ancient roman society, several works which mention them as wives and mothers. But not one of those works; neither journal, nor philosophy is written by a woman living in those times. There is no record in history about the perspectives of women living in the society. There is no true record of how they viewed themselves, their purpose in the grander scheme of things. There are sources however limited they may be which delve into the scope of these questions, which give a glimpse into the lives of roman women. Understanding their lives is essential to seeing how we view women in modern society. And it provides an important insight for us to endeavor to avoid the same mistakes again.

Whenever we speak of the status of roman women it is essential to trace back to the time of the Greeks. The foundation of the Roman Empire at the time was based on Greek culture. At the time the two qualities considered to be primarily attributed to women were courage and chastity. Although women were considered not as physically able as men, the inspiration they provided to the men in their lives gave them merit. Chastity however was taken as a symbol of status thus Greek men would keep their women in their homes. They were of the viewpoint that their home was the most suitable environment for them as it kept them away from corrupting influences. If the women left their home they would enjoy less honor and status in comparison (Dimand and Nyland).

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