Thesis: Romania as a part of the European Union

Sample Thesis Paper

Romania is a part of the European Union and is one of the leading exporters of clothing, textiles, industrial machinery, electrical equipment, metallurgic products, raw materials, cars, military equipment, software, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and agricultural products as mentioned earlier. However, unlike most European countries the degree of intervention by the government in matters related to privatization and reforms is now relatively low as compared to the degree of government intervention in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. There are a number of elements of the Romanian economy that have helped the economy reach its current stable standing. For instance, the flat-tax system is an active contributor to reason for Romania having the lowest fiscal burden in the European Union.

With the undeniable importance of trade partners rising with every economic development, Romania has developed solid trade relationships with Germany and Italy. However, this is also where the Romanian economy experiences its downside since the trade deficit has experienced growth rates as precarious as 50% in the last few years.

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