Thesis: Romania Through World War II

Sample Thesis Paper

When the First World War ended, Transylvania and Bessarabia united with Romania-Old Kingdom. What followed was a series of political upheavals and transformations that completely changed the face of Romani on the world map. When the Second World War began, Romania once more attempted to remain neutral (Treptow, 1998), so much so that the Romanian army chose to retreat from Bessarabia as well from Northern Bukovina in order to avoid confrontation with the Soviet Union. In a nutshell, Romania had suffered about 300,000 casualties by the time the Second World War. However, the role of the Romania was not recognized by the 1947 Paris Peace Conference for the unconventional approach it adopted in the war regarding its stance (Duffy, M., 2003).

Through Communism

It was in 1947 that communism took hold of the roots of Romania and communist elements under the influence of USSR took control of Romania. In the decades to follow, Romanian resources were squandered by the communist elements and the economy of the country suffered tragically as inflation rates soared and unemployment rose (Gallagher, 2008). It was not until 1989 that Romania managed to free itself of communism and the slow but steady transition from a bankrupt market to a free market began (Turcescu & Stan, 2007).

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