Thesis: The Romanian Economic System

Sample Thesis Paper – Romanian Economic System

Romania can be described as a company where the vast majority belongs to that of the upper middle class in terms of income. The economy of the country has always been heavily influenced by the history and culture of the country. After the country entered the 1990’s, it suffered through a decade of economic instability as a result of the overthrowing of the communist regime in the country.

The series of events that contributed to the uprooting of communism from the country also led to the eventuality of the country being left to stand on its industrial foundations, which being relatively weak at the time, contributed in turn unemployment and inflation spells. As the decade passed, economic reforms on a structural level were established and incorporated. The fruits of these reforms became prominent as the country entered the next decade and macroeconomic intransience began to show signs in decreased unemployment and steadily decreasing inflation. In 2006, the Romania Statistics Office recorded a Real GDP growth of 7.7% (BBC MMIX, 2006).

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