Thesis: Russian agricultural productive powers

Sample Thesis Paper

These conditions have affected Russian agricultural productive powers to a great extent. However, situation can be improved by putting more efforts to grow forests instead of corn and rye lands. In addition to that, the manufacture of wood fuel was also affected, that left a negative impact on transportation and factories. However, according to a latest report, Russian Government is slow in renewing its oil reserves as compare to its booming production. Hence, it may be deficient in providing resources to uphold existing production levels after this year. According to Russian Ministry for Natural Resources, nearly two hundred forty million tones of new reserves of oil were discovered in 2009, which produced nearly four hundred and twenty one million tones oil. (Baudzus, 2010)

Russia is quite popular for being rich in natural resources. However, according to the world most famous producer of construction and automobiles metal Norilsk Nickel, Russia will soon become short of its palladium stocks. He says that Russia is left with only limited stock of palladium. (Baudzus, 2010) Russia exports its Palladium to China and America for their automobile industries. Economically palladium has proved to extremely positive impact on the country. Another major concern is the monopolization within the Russian mineral resources sector. According to a report, presently the extraction of local mineral resources is limited to just one or two Russian companies. (Energy Bulletin, 2004) This monopoly is a major reason for a decreased interest in further geological discoveries and competition.

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