Thesis: Salkovskis Theory on OCD

Sample Thesis Paper

Salkovskis is another theorist who has proposed that these invasive thoughts take on a greater intensity, frequency and stress level according to the level of responsibility the individual feels towards himself. He says that this personal responsibility takes its origins from an individual’s consideration that they are the main reason why any form of injury does not come to themselves or others. According to the view presented the existence of an increased sense of personal responsibility on the part of the individual causes the occurrence of definite invasive thoughts, desires, urges and images.

These thoughts, images, etc are efforts on the part of the individual to set right the anxieties which are caused by the invasion of these unwanted thoughts. Some examples of the individual may attempt to accomplish this include the use of thought control methods such as thought suppression. Another way may be to only think good thoughts or indulge in acts which may be seen as compulsive or a continuous scrutiny on the part of the individual regarding any signs of danger. This theory give consideration to the fact that there are particular perceptions of an individual’s self and the environment around him (Doron & Kyrios, 2005).

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