Thesis: SalvageSale

Sample Thesis Paper

SalvageSale is an online marketplace that works on a global scale for the efficient disposition of commercial salvage and corporate assets (SalvageSale 2008). The online enterprise functions by taking salvage and corporate assets that are no longer needed and market them through their database of buyers. The online aspect allows SalvageSale to function worldwide and attain a large number of buyers.

The organization is seeking to bring about changes in the approaches being exercised towards the development of global property and casualty insurance markets. A change is being brought about in the areas of the UK subsidiary, SalvageSale Limited as well (Walsh 2008). This particular subsidiary of the company services the European and Asian based clients of the enterprise.

A completely new position has been created under the title of Senior Vice President of Strategy and Operations and has been filled through internal promotion. This move is aimed at allowing the enterprise to derive more productivity from CapitalAssetSale, the unit of the company that looks after end-of-life and surplus corporate assets. It would not be unjustified to say that SalvageSale has chosen to bring about change through the process of internal means (Walsh 2008). The organization has chosen to upgrade its operations by making use of the already present talented personnel in the organization.

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