Thesis: Samsung Electronics Company

Sample Thesis Paper

The Samsung Electronics Company, which is commonly known as Samsung Electronics, is a constituent of the Samsung Group. Samsung Electronics began functioning in 1969 through its manufacturing of black and white television sets.

Expansion came in the 1970s when Samsung Electronics began to manufacture other appliances such washing machines and refrigerators. This expansion in the product line was followed by an almost simultaneously occurring expansion in geographical coverage as Samsung Electronics began to setup new plants. In 1978, Samsung Electronics carried out an acquisition in which Korea Telecommunications was bought. Korea Telecommunications was subsequently renamed to Samsung Semiconductors and Telecommunications after a few years of the acquisition. However, in the late 1980s, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Semiconductors and Telecommunications were merged together to allow for a further expansion in its product line and facilities. Samsung has formed strategic alliances with Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and IBM amongst others; but the most profound of all of Samsung Electronics’ joint ventures is the one that took place with Sony in 2005. A cross-licensing agreement took place as a result of this joint venture, and Samsung Electronics and Sony are now engaged in extensive sharing of information. Besides these, Samsung Electronics also has partnerships with Time Warner Cables, IMEC, and Vodaphone on numerous other projects.

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