Thesis: Satisfying Employees to Satisfy Customers

Sample Thesis Paper

Research Hypothesis

This research is based on a research hypothesis and data is obtained from primary and secondary sources to test the validity of this hypothesis in context of case study approach selected for the current research. The hypothesis set out for this research is that ensuring effective human resource policies and procedures improve employee satisfaction within organisations which in turn has a positive impact on customer satisfaction levels derived from their purchases and affiliation with companies.

Research Questions

The research hypothesis presented above is evaluated and conclusions are arrived at by searching for suitable answers for the following research questions. The research questions are presented with the objective of not to be exhaustive and other information which may be considered significant for accomplishing the research objective would be included in the research if needed.

1. What constitutes good human resource policy and factors affecting its implementation within organisations?

2. How effective human resource policy and procedures can lead to greater employee satisfaction and reduce employee churn which would have impact on company’s well being?

3. How employee satisfaction can contribute to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and factors affecting it?

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