Thesis: Why Sega Sued Genesis Accolade

Sample Thesis Paper

Sega sued Accolade bringing the case to the U.S district court in San Francisco for infringing on their copyright.  A copyright is a physical expression of an idea which is the private property of an individual or an organization. They argued that by reverse engineering the source code to create games for the Genesis Accolade had in effect stolen material that rightfully belonged to Sega. According to Sega they had no intellectual rights to insert such a code into their game programs.

The District court ruled in Sega’s favor and issued an injunction meaning an order for Accolade to withdraw all its Sega console games from the market. Accolade took the case to the Ninth circuit court of appeals to challenge the decision. Accolade argued that the source code for the Genesis security system were in effect a public interface standard. Meaning that the source code was a public connection that allowed the games to work with the console and thus not subject to copyright. They argued that it was legal for them to use the source code to make its games because that was public property and not subject to copyright. Accolade’s arguments eventually won their case and the earlier verdict was overturned (Valesquez pg 162-163).

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