Thesis: Selecting the Right Candidate for a Job

Sample Thesis Paper

The recruitment method has to focus on ensuring that it serves to attract the kind of talent that the company needs and can make use of. Publishing an advertisement in the weekend’s wanted paper may serve to bring in candidates and applicants, but it will not guarantee that the applicants are the kind that the company requires and is in the need of. It is therefore imperative to develop recruitment methods that serve to bring in the few and selected candidates that the company can make use of. By this method, the very first stage of the recruitment process can serve as an instrument for short listing candidates.

Also, candidates can be screen through countless techniques and there are numerous short listing techniques available. But when making use of any one of them, it is important to realize the importance of making sure that the frame of reference is constituted by the requirements of the organization.

It is highly recommended that the human resource employee designated to the task is one who is not only fully aware of the nature of the applicants applying for the positions but is also proficient in coordinating with the supervisors and managers who are responsible for the performance of the employee to fill the vacant position. This is because of the fact that regardless of the recruitment method chosen and adopted, the functioning of the organization can be in a region that is external to its operations and is not its domestic domain; therefore the candidates shall also be of a nature that shall be different from the organization’s general order.

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