Thesis: Selecting Recruitment Methods

Sample Thesis Paper

Of the many activities and responsibilities that a human resource department carries out, perhaps the most essential and critical is that of selection and recruitment (Armstrong 2000). It is because of this reason that it becomes all the more imperative to employ selection and recruitment methods that are virtually flawless in order to ensure that the organization’s aspirations can be met adequately. This paper shall attempt to shed light on the factors that should be kept in light when adopting a selecting and recruitment method and in doing so, shall elaborate on the role and relevance of the same.

There is little doubt in the fact that the efficiency of the selection method adopted by the human resource department of the organization serves to dictate the overall efficiency of the organization (Smith and Mazin 2004). The implication of the accuracy and precision of the adopted recruitment method serves to contribute to the strategic development of the organization and therefore plays an important role in the achievement of goals and objectives of the organization.

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