Thesis: Selling Sex for Visas

Sample Thesis Paper

In Selling Sex for Visas: Sex Tourism as a Stepping-Stone to International Migration, Denise Brennan has elaborated upon this issue.

On a more personal note, this form of exploitation should be eradicated from its roots in order to ensure that it does not grow again. However, it is an action that is easier said than carried out. The exploitation of women in return for their access to a foreign land and the exploitation of women by human traffickers is a plague that has its foundations built deep into poverty and misery. If the plague of sexual exploitation of women by human traffickers is to be eliminated, governments will have to come together to single out the factors that contribute to the push and pull of victims of human trafficking (House of Lords, House of Commons, 2006).

Even though Denise Brennan has not referred to any solutions directly in this regard, it is clear from the in depth elaboration of the nature of sex tourism that the fundamental way through which this genre of crime can be prevented is through a reformation of not only the laws that are meant to put a stop to sex tourism but also to instill a higher degree of willingness amongst the involved parties to do so. Victims of this horrendous form of sexual exploitation should be encouraged to come forth to the authorities and let authoritative bodies such as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation put a stop to networks that carry out these forms of exploitation.

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