Thesis: Service and organizational records

Sample Thesis Paper

Archival documents that will be used in the study are service and organizational records. Using an open-ended questioning format, the researcher will gather the primary data through in-depth-interviews with the participant (Yin, 1994). This combination is a technique used to confirm data from another source (Willis, 2007). Physical artifacts can be tools, instruments, or some other physical evidence that may be collected during the study. Discoveries of this sort can often broaden the perspectives of the researcher (Tellis, 1997a).

The case study subject develops subjective meanings of their experiences which are varied and numerous. The meanings are supposed to lead the researcher to sort through the complexity of views instead of narrowing meanings into a few ideas. Subjective meanings are formed through social constructivism meaning interaction with others and through historical and cultural norms that are prevalent in an individual’s life. Subjectivity, here, is clarified to mean ‘the interpretation of the subject’s interpretation’. Thus, the theoretical perspectives lie within the methodology of questions which is sown in interpretive.

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