Thesis: Sexual Options & Sexual Exhibitionism

Sample Thesis Paper

Main Points

  • A person may choose to adopt any sexual option that one chooses.
  • There is no limitation of sexual exhibitionism that a person can choose to exercise.
  • The degree of sexual exhibitionism is not related to the sexual option that one chooses to adopt.
  • There is a frame of mind that is present in the background which compels the person to do so and it would be unjustified to consider the person’s act of exhibitionism without considering that frame of mind at work in the background.

  • The person is more than often aware of the fact that social boundaries are being breached
  • There have been instances where people have chosen to take their desire to exercise exhibitionism to the next level and have chosen to remain undressed as much as they can during their lives
  • In order for an act of exhibitionism to be considered as an act of sexual exhibitionism, it is essential that the person performing the act chooses to display one or the other private parts of the body
  • To the person performing the act, there is no reason because of which he/she cannot indulge in it.

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