Thesis: Need to Share Information in Value Chain Management

Sample Thesis Paper

One of the most common obstacles faced by a company when implementing value chain management is to ascertain the flow of value as it is represented by the flow of information. Companies forget that the flow of value through the organizational structure is heavily reliant upon the flow of information (Danskin, Englis, Solomon, Goldsmith, & Davey, 2005). When information is not successfully communicated from one department to another department in the same department, value transferred decreases considerably. Similarly, when information is inadequately or partially communicated from one part of the organization’s value chain to another, the impact on value created is even more severe.

“Knowledge that is isolated in one department or in one part of the value chain is not being used to its full extent. New knowledge should be harnessed and managed through internal knowledge management systems that create opportunities for other areas to learn and jump on the learning curve of a company’s innovations” (Danskin, Englis, Solomon, Goldsmith, & Davey, 2005).

This is because of the fact that the execution of adequate communication allows each part of the company’s value chain to harness the communicated information in order to derive knowledge and work on improving it’s functioning. It allows the components of the value chain to learn and make better use of opportunities and areas in which improvements can be made (Danskin, Englis, Solomon, Goldsmith, & Davey, 2005).

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